Welcome to Nytom's Makah Design!
Prints, Jewelry, Glass, Woodcarving
    Nytom – "he who walks around" – is
    the adult indian name of the artist
    John Goodwin. He has his roots in
    Neah Bay, home of the Makah
    people in the northwestern corner of
    Washington State / USA.
    Nytom expresses his creativity in
    different mediums of west coast
    native art, including painting drums
    and cedar boxes, limited edition
    serigraphs, textile printing, jewelry,
    wood carving and glass etching. His
    work has been shown in galleries
    and sold to customers throughout
    the Northwest.
Raven Man, silver jewelry
American Indian Art
Nytom's art is deeply rooted within the culture of his
native american heritage. Every piece tells a story
of its own and is based on a legend or on Nytom's
visions and dreams.
Chief's welcome, mixed media